Sunday, March 1, 2015

Welcome All to my New Blog

This blog has been design to assist anyone in the programming industry who is having a hard time with programming, I myself found that a few sites that may help, but you'll see a few out there with a God complex, that they may talk rude to up and coming programmers. So to help with this. I decided to start my own Blog, to help other programmers. Whether they are novice or advanced programmers.

I found that talking out your problem with someone, you may get value insight into thinking like a programmer. As well as start of new and lasting friendships in the programming world. 

Being African-American, I haven't seen many of my race in this field, and was hoping with the help of the program communities of the world, we all can work together in solving the worlds programming mysteries. You never know, you maybe helping the next Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson, or even Bjarne Stroustrup of the future. 

Let's make this a fun place for everyone.

Thank you for visiting and happy programming....